Before Constitution in Short

Strictly for Prelims, Prior knowledge of all the topics needed or else this post will not be useful to you. This post is for revision, if you are new to all this, better to close this tab.

1909 councils act (MARLEY MINTO REFORMS)

  • Increase in numbers in Constitutent Legislative Assembly and PROVINCIAL
  • Viceroy advisory body increased from 16 to 60
  • Satyendra sinha is 1st person to get in both viceroy and GG
  • Muslims and minority got special seats and muslims can elect muslims memebers
  • Finally this act led to differences in hindhu’s and muslim’s and led to partition
  • Lord minto (india)father of communal electorate
  • Separate representataion for universities,zamnindars

1919 Govt of India Act(Montauge chemsford)

  • In 1917 Montauge promised that he will provide a new form of govt and by all discussions
  • Led to the DYARCHY divided the provincial subjects
  • Reserved subjects  28 and transferred subjects 22
  • Introduced bicameral system and direct elections
  • viceroy is head for Rajya sabha(COUNCIL OF STATES) and 5 years term
  • the Lok sabha(CLA) for term 3 years
  • In London they have created the INDIAN HIGH COMMISIONER and divided the state and centre budgets and created UPSC,SPSC and AUDITOR GENERAL and told that viceroy will handle the issues between centre and state and state-state and told they will appoint a commission after 10 years
  • 3/6 viceroy executive council are indians
  • separate electorates for sikhs
  • 1926  Central Public Service Commission for recruiting ICS

1927 Simons commission

  • Said before that a commission will be formed to review after 10 years, accordingly commission formed under Simon.
  • To look at DYARCHY  and 7+1 member body all were British so boycotted by Indians  and they have visited the India 2 times  and submitted report in 1930
  • Increase in no. of seats and control over high courts by centre and reservation etc etc
  • Recommened abolition of dyarchy
  • Create federation of British India and Princely India.
  • Continue communal electorates

1928 nehru report

  • Secretary of state, Burkenhood challenged india leaders and Nehru prepared a report
  • Asking dominion status
  • 19 Fundamental Rights
  • The separate states for language and etc

1932 Communal award to all communities and Gandi in Yerawada jail

PM Ramsey McDONALD offered separate electorates; rejected by GHANDI and in Pune jail, he did satyagraha FINALLY led to the Round table Conference 1, 2, 3.

1935 Govt of India Act with 10 schedules

  • Created 3 lists and residuary to viceroy
  • Asked to create all India Federation with Princely India(PI) and British India but PI rejected.
  • Deleted the provincial Diarchy and now autonomous provinces and came into force in 1937 and deleted in 1939
  • dyarchy at centre but no operation at all
  • bicameraalism in 6/11 provinces
  • Deleted the council of secretary of state of 1858  and an advisory body of3- 6 members
  • 10% got right to vote
  • Separate electorates for women and SC/ST
  • To deal the disputes between the centre and state a S.court and if one not satisfied can go privy in England
  • Separated Burma from india
  • Created orssia and Sindh
  • Create RBI and federal court
  • Bicameral legislature in 6 out of 11 provinces
  • Upsc created, spsc.jpsc


Offering the dominion status and constituent assembly etc., of course rejected by Indians.

1942 CRIPPS proposal

Can create the constituent assembly by Indians  and one nominee in GG advisory and rejected by muslim league,it want division and ghandhi too rejected.

1944 C. Rajagopalachari Formula Not included in polity but briefly)

Objective of the C R Formula was to solve the political deadlock between the All India Muslim League and Indian National Congress. League’s position was that the Muslims and Hindus of British India were of two separate nations and hence the Muslims had the right to their own nation. The Congress was opposed to the idea of partitioning India.

1945 WavellPlan

  • The PM Winston Churchchill and GG viceroy Wavell
  • Expanding the viceroy body
  • Establishing the high commisionary body for protection of British ideas
  • Giving the external affairs to the Indians  and also the defence too
  • Considers the viceroy as central govt
  •  SO 1945 july simla conference INC,  the Muslim league demanded for separation and INC for independence for the country

1946 Cabitnet Mission plan

  • British PM Atlee
  • Indian union=British INDIA+Princely India
  • Temporary govt with 14 members
  • No creation of Pakistan
  • Can create a new constitution with new constituent assembly

INTERIM govt. 1946

Muslim league also joined and formed govt

1947 Atlee declaration

INDEPENDENCE BY 1948 JULY Ghandi felt very happy and felt no creation of Pakistan.


GG Mountbatten felt Mulsim league is not listening, so division is the only option left.

Pakistan or India can join in common-wealth if they wish.


  •  Feb 20, 1947 Atlee declared independence by august 1948
  •  June 3,1947 mount batten announced partition
  • told PrinceIy States to do as they like

If I miss any of the events, you may mention in the comments. Thank you for correcting me. 🙂

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