Hanuman has UIDAI card

Do you know Hanuman has the Adhaar Card?

This is a bare example for our bureaucratic setup, in the same database we have the information of President, Prime Minister, CJI, majority people of India.

It emerged when a postman attempted to deliver the card, but could not find a Hanuman at the address.

When he looked at the photograph he realised it was probably a prank. It is not clear who the iris scan and fingerprints on the card belong to.

The card lists Hanuman as “Pawan-ji’s” son (the god was known as son of Pawan in Hindu mythology) and lists a mobile phone number and an address in the western state of Rajasthan.

Hanuman is generally depicted with a human body, a red monkey’s face and a tail. There are temples dedicated to Hanuman all over the country.

Postman Heeralal Saini, who was given the card for delivery, returned it to the post office after he failed to find “Pawan-ji’s son Hanuman” and the phone number listed on the card did not connect, an official in Rajasthan’s postal department.

The card will now be returned to the Bangalore office of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), he said.

The Questions left with us, How far the entries were authentic?

We won’t have faith in voter id, bank passbook, and we cannot expect passport for every citizen of the country.

All these affect the statistics of Poverty, govt. available schemes and many other emoluments. Such errors would benefit intermediaries, even after spending huge money just to sort how to spend money, if we face such issues it is definitely a bureaucratic issue. Which can be fixed with a suspension, but as of now such measures have not taken yet. Authorities in India are investigating how Hanuman, the monkey god, has been issued a biometric identity card.


September 14, 2014

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