India’s Ranking in Different Indices 2018

Index researched by India’s Rank 1st Rank Lowest Rank
Commonwealth innovation index WIPO and GII 10th UK
Global Economic Freedom Index American think-tank 130th Hong Kong North Korea
Environmental Performance Index 2018 World Economic Forum 177th Switzerland Burundi (180th)
Index of Talent Competitiveness Adecco, Insead, Tata Communications 81st Switzerland El Salvador (100th)
List of Wealthiest countries New World Wealth 6th USA
Global Democracy Index EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) 42nd Norway North Korea (167th)
Corruption Perception Index Transparency International 81st New Zealand Somalia (180th)
Inclusive Internet Index EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) 47th Sweden Congo (86th)
International Intellectual Property Index US Chambers of Commerce 44th USA Venezuela (50th)
MIWE (MasterCard Index of Women Entrepreneurs) MasterCard 52nd New Zealand Bangladesh (57th)
World Happiness report UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network 133rd Finland Burundi (156th)
Ease of Doing Business World Bank 100th New Zealand Somalia (190th)
Global manufacturing Index World Economic Forum 30th Japan Nigeria (100th)
Inclusive Development Index World Economic Forum 62nd Norway (Advanced)
Lithuania (Emerging)
Energy Transition Index World Economic Forum 78th Sweden Zimbabwe (114th)
Worst New-born Mortality Rate UNICEF 12th Pakistan
Hurun Global Rich List 2018 – Highest Number of Billionaires Hurun Research Institute 3rd China
Global Climate Risk Index German watch 6th Haiti
Global Hunger Index
IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute) 100th Central Africa Republic (119th)
Countries facing web-borne threats Kaspersky Lab 33rd
Global Gaming Installs Unity Technologies 3rd
Vacation Deprivation Report 2017 Expedia 5th South Korea
Most targeted for Web Applications attack Akamai Technologies 7th
Climate change performance index German watch 14th Sweden Saudi Arabia (60th)
Largest Overseas holder of US Government Securities US Treasury Department 12th China
Index of cheapest countries to live or retire GoBankingRates 2nd South Africa Bermuda (112th)
2017 Military strength ranking Global Firepower 4th USA Bhutan (133rd)
Global Gender Gap Index 2017 World Economic Forum 108th Iceland Yemen (144th)
World talent Ranking IMD 51st Switzerland Venezuela (63rd)
Most Attractive Market for Investments – surveys of CEOs PwC 5th USA
Best countries for Business Forbes 62nd UK Chad (153rd)
Global Tuberculosis Report 2017 WHO 1st
International Business Report – Business optimism index Grant Thornton 7th Indonesia
Nations Brand 2017 – Most Valuable Brand Finance 8th USA Cyprus (100th )
Government at a Glance Report 2017 OECD (Organization for Economic Corporation and Development) 3rd Switzerland
Countries with highest NPAs CARE ratings 5th Greece
Highest public binge watching Netflix 2nd Mexico
Passport Index Arton Capital 75th Singapore Afghanistan (94th)
Global Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Workforce LinkedIn 2nd
Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index 2017 Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS) 28th Denmark Argentina (30th)
Pollution and Health – Pollution related deaths The Lancet 1st
CS Family 1000 – Number of Family owned businesses Credit Suisse Research Institute 3rd China
IMD Competitiveness Rankings International Institute for Management Development (IMD) 44th US Venezuela
Global Wealth Migration Review 2018 AfrAsia Bank Global Wealth Migration 6th United States
India Solar Market Leaderboard 2018 Mercom Communications 3rd China
Asia Pacific on Power Index Lowy Institute and Australian think tank 4th US Nepal
FDI Confidence Index 2018 Global consultant AT Kearney 11th United States South Africa
Worldwide military spending Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) 5th US
Global Urban Air Pollution database World Health Organisation (WHO) 14 Indian cities India
Family-Owned Businesses Credit Suisse Research Institute’s (CSRI) 3 China
Most valuable nation brand Brand Finance’s 8 United States
Tuberculosis (TB) cases Global Health Observatory 1 India
Gender Gap World Economic Forum 108 Iceland
Migrants living abroad UN DESA 1 India
Largest Importer of LPG 2 China
The vulnerable country in the world facing extreme weather events Germanwatch 6 Haiti
Business optimism index Grant Thornton’s International Business 7 Indonesia
Pollution-related deaths The Lancet Commission 1 India
Inclusive Development Index World Economic Forum’s 62 Lithuania
Global talent competitiveness index World Economic Forum 81 Switzerland
Global manufacturing index. World Economic Forum 30 Japan
Global connectivity index Huawei’s Global Connectivity 43 US, Singapore and Sweden
World press freedom index Reporters Without Borders 136 Norway, Sweden and Finland
Global Innovation Index Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization 60 Switzerland, Netherland
Travel and Tourism competitiveness index World Economic Forum (WEF) 40 Spain, France and Germany
Quality Nationality Index Henley & Partners – Kochenov 101 Germany
Renewable energy attractiveness index 4 China
Global milk production Index 1 India
Healthcare index Lancet 154 Switzerland
Consumer confidence index University of Michigan 1 India
Global retail development index A.T. Kearney’s Global Retail Development 1 India
Network readiness index World Economic Forum’s 91 Singapore
July 26, 2018

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