India’s Stand On Ukraine

Are you following the issue of Ukraine??

Look UPSC won’t ask the whole story, what UPSC concerns about is impact on India!!

How will it effect India and what is the India’s Stand on the issue.

India has been closely following the recent events in Ukraine, which include the tragic loss of several innocent lives and a change in Government. We have been concerned at the subsequent escalation of tension, especially in view of the presence of more than 5000 Indian nationals, including about 4000 students, in different parts of Ukraine. India welcomes recent efforts at reducing the tension and hopes that a solution to Ukraine’s internal differences is found in a manner that meets the aspirations of all sections of Ukraine’s population. It would be important, in this context, for a legitimate democratic process to find full expression through free and fair elections that provide for an inclusive society. India calls for sincere and sustained diplomatic efforts to ensure that issues between Ukraine and its neighbouring countries are resolved through constructive dialogue.

Before this National Security Advisor Shiva Shankar Menon said to the press upon questioning,

We are watching closing the issue and we hoped they settles there internal issues peacefully and it is not the right time to comment when the issue is still in liquid!!

China is Supporting Russia

US and EU is not supporting Russia

India, wait I’ll tell my way, I’m watching very closely!!

India and Ukraine!!  

Ukraine is the next best destination for the military equipment, If we go on supporting Russia, we will miss Ukraine’s Resource. If we move against Russia, we will a hell out of things not only military relations.

Here is the Quick Review of the Ukraine Issue!! 

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