Indo-Australian Nuclear Deal

Australia is set to sign a treaty to supply Uranium for Civil-nuclear purposes and Giving back the Nataraj to India are the good signs for forming a better relations between India and Australia.

India so far got the Uranium supply from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and France. The only 2 produces we left were Canada and Australia. Canada is also planning to sign a treaty and this will boost the India’s Power supply.

Despite not signing Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), all the big players in the Nuclear Order accept India will the change the Nuclear Order.

Japan is the country which didn’t sign Nuclear Deal with India, the condition it placed was to sign NPT. India is the first non-npt country which Australia signed the Nuclear Deal. This deal sends a wrong message to Japan and persuade Japan to have a deal with India.

Australia is the tenth country in the world to have signed a nuclear deal with India. The others are France, Russia, the United States, UK, Canada, Argentina, South Korea, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The last two countries mentioned in this list are important because of their uranium reserves. Kazakhstan has the world’s 12.1 percent of uranium reserves while Mongolia 0.9 percent.

Interestingly, Australia signed the nuclear deal with India at a time when it has just cancelled its uranium sales pact with Russia. Abbott gave out his own comparison between India and Russia with this remark on 2 September: “Australia has no intention of selling uranium to a country which is so obviously in breach of international law as Russia currently is If we are prepared to sell uranium to Russia, and we’ve been prepared to do that in the past, surely we ought to be prepared to provide uranium to India under suitable safeguards.”

Two leaders should also look beyond the nuclear issue and lay the foundation for an enduring defence and security cooperation that will contribute to peace and stability in Asia and the Indo-Pacific littoral.

Not only defence, Science and Technology is also a key sector to be discussed in the page of India-Australia Relations.

Australia boasts of a strong science and technology base that can feed nicely into India’s plans for economic and industrial advancement. Australia is also home to a prosperous and rapidly growing Indian minority that is emerging as an important bridge between the two countries.

The Underling thing here was, India- Australia Relationship has long history shared from colonial regime. Cultural, Defence, Science and Technolgy and Migration( half-a-million of Australian population were Indians) are the key and most crucial issues to be discussed.

Its time for Japan 😛

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  1. Uranium is not like copper and iron ore. It is a strategic mineral and a trade that Australia should be getting out of. It’s extraordinary that Tony Abbott is signing a nuclear deal with India in the same week Australia has suspended future uranium exports to Russia due to security concerns. Tony Abbott’s tour with his entourage of uranium executives just proves again that he’s governing for mining interests, at the expense of genuine community interests.

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