On your Mark??

We have very less time, many decided to attempt or not to attempt. Many would stop preparing/revision to avoid confusions on the judgement day. Ok, for all the aspirants, let me tell you GS part is the most unpredictable and also a deciding paper. So you cannot invest much on the paper 1 as it is the most unpredictable paper in the prelims, as we have more time for the paper-2 make sure you attempt every question with 99.9% accuracy.

This year’s cut off will also be high, so take some risk and try to attempt every question.

UPSC shouldn’t be your destination, it should be a passage of achieving your goals.

Prelims is just a first step, if you struggle to attempt Prelims definitely you have to struggle more for mains.

Good Luck Guys!!

All the Best!!


August 17, 2014

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