The Story of Chinese One Country 2 systems

The Story begins with the end of British Sovereign in Hongkong. Britain has controlled Hong Kong island since 1842 – apart from a brief period during World War II when the Japanese took over. British and Chinese negotiated the return of all of Hong Kong to China in exchange for a guarantee that Hong Kong’s economy and government would operate autonomously for at least 50 years after the handover.  This created the “one country two systems” that we have today where Hong Kong is part of China but operates under a legal and economic system that is largely independent to that in China.

In 2017, Hong Kong should go for elections as per the deal between China and Britain, China said that it can go for elections but only with Chinese selected Candidates. There comes a topic for us to discuss and learn another revolution in the name ” Umbrella Revolution”.

On September 26th a peaceful mass gathering happened in Hong Kong Central Hall and later to protect themselves from tear gas and rain, the protestors used Umbrellas and it became an icon for the revolution.

Students came out to the streets calling for democracy, a 17 year old boy Joshua Wong heads a student organisation. The point to be noted here was the protests were divided with generations and they are few people calling the protests as meaningless. There was a fight between pro-china protestors and the youth two days back. So as an outsider we cannot judge who are right and who are not, as this is the internal issue of their country we should remain as spectators.


October 8, 2014

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