Ukraine Crisis


In the Process of USSR disintegration, Ukraine got separated and Cremia-an island was gifted by the Russia to Ukraine.

Ukraine is divided into Russian speakers and Non-Russia Speakers geographically by the Dnipro River. West likes EU and East likes Russia( Putin 🙂 ).

The President Viktor Yanukovych is pro-Russia, signed an agreement with Russia overruling the Cabinet’s Decision. – (Here Starts the main issue)

West started protesting against the then President Viktor Yanukovych favouring the EU Deal. Russia Offered Big Deal which can clear the Ukraine’s debt($15bn) and cheap gas from Russia almost at 1/3rd price.

Protests turned into deadly and Ukraine PM give up and resigned praying peace… Parliament tried everything to please the Protestors-passed the amnesty bill but, no use…

Revolution got worse and President ousted(protestors’ wish) by the Parliament. Parliament names speaker Olexander Turchynov as interim president.

West done— Now, East!!

In Ukraine, Pro-Russian protests started, the protests got Russia’s support. US and EU warned Russia not to indulge in Ukraine’s INTERNAL Issues. Russia cont.s…

Russia’s Strategic Point is the Black Sea, If that place conquer by NATO( EU and USA), then Russia’s Dominance will be at stake. There is no wrong in the steps taken by the Russia but they are anti-US and EU .

Crimea went for Referendum and opted to be with Russia, Russian Parliament Passed the Bill and now Crimea is a part of Russia.

Other places like Donetsk and Luhansk followed Crimea, conducted referendum and opted to be independent and asked the Russia to join them into the union. (Latest)

Here is the TimeLine of the Crisis compiled from different sources like BBC, wiki and other sources..


Updated News: Still the Pro-Russians protests are continuing in Ukraine. Russsia is supporting them, but it is condeming the claim. 

So in this critical situation,

The US State Department said it suspected a Russian-directed counter-offensive was under way.

Russia has repeatedly denied arming or covertly supporting the rebels.

The Rebels are also condemning the allegations about the Russian Help.


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