Whistle Blowers’ protection Bill, 2011

Who is Whistle Blower and why he should be protected, from whom??

Whistle Blower is the person who discloses the information vis-a-vis govt.’s misuse of power or govt. employee misusing the power.

He should be protected from the accused (institution or a person) after all he/she is fighting for justice and transparency in the system. Protecting him creates hope in the system. In the increasing white collar crimes and corruption intensity this act had brought a hope in the future of our country.

In a nutshell before you read PRS analysis, 

CVC is the competent Authority to complain about any officer..

No Anonymity, First Identity next inquiry.( Disclosing the identity is also a crime)

False Allegations, U‘ll be fined and Jailed :P.. Right allegations, CVC suggest to some other judicial authority.

2nd ARC and Law Commission also recommended executive safeguards for the whistle blowers.

( India is done with ratification in UN convention against corruption, in the pdf given below says that India didn’t actually we did, but after reporting this pdf 🙂

Provides safeguards from victimising the complainant, final bill very much defines victimisation. Read the Hindu updated news and get back to the prs.

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